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Project Summary

Please give us a general overview of your project.

About Company or Organization

Tell us about your business or organization. History, brand, size, staff and locations will all help us understand what you’re all about. Include a summary on the services or products you provide. Describe your mission. Also include any plans for future growth that might be important for us to be aware of.

Target Audience

Briefly describe your target audience, including their needs and interests.


What do you want to achieve with the website/app/OTT Channel?


Who are your main competitors? I can look at what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. Some may have particular areas of interest i.e. key functionality. Which sites/apps have great designs that you like? Take a look at things like layout, color schemes, typography, photography, and unique tools or features. Try providing a list of links with reference notes for each of them.

Look & Feel

Try to describe the ‘look & feel’ of the new app,website, or OTT channel. How much free reign do you want us to have with the design?

Logo Design

Will you need custom logo design? If so, what preferences do you have for one, such as colors, typography, layout? Try providing links to websites with logos that you like.


Please list the features and requirements for the new app, website, or OTT channel. For example, should it have a blog? An Interactive map? API integration? Push notifications? Send emails? User registrations and logins? Please describe all the features you need this app/website/OTT channel to have.


Will you be providing new content for the app/website/OTT channel? If so, it's a good idea to plot a rough sitemap in your brief. How many pages will there be in total? What photography, illustrations or graphics, sales copy, descriptions, or other forms of content are currently available?

In-house Requirements

Describe how the app/website/OTT channel will be managed on a day-to-day basis. How regularly will you be updating and adding content? Will any form of data export be required from the app/website/OTT channel? Other than standard Google Analytics, do you need to gather any more on-going data from the site?


Do you have a hosting plan or plan to purchase a hosting plan for this app/website/OTT channel? Or do you prefer that we take care of the hosting for you at a reasonable fee?


Will you need ongoing support and maintenance?

Target Platforms

Types of devices: desktop, smartphones, tablets, or all devices. Any platforms such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Apple TV?

Database Integration

Will your app/website/OTT channel need to interact with a database?

Backend Development

Will you need us to develop a backend such as a web api?

Online Marketing

Digital marketing is absolutely vital to the success of your new app/website/OTT channel. If you already have marketing plans in place, it can be helpful to summarize them.


Do you have a deadline for this project?

Measuring Success

How will you judge the success of the new app/website/OTT channel? Do you have sales or visitor targets?


What is your budget for this project?

Budget Range

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